I N V E S T M E N T 

Good photography is an investment.


Invest in something that will bring you the priceless gift that will forever live on.

P o t r a i t s  


s t a r t  a t   $400 

  •  1 hour session

  • minimum 30 edited photos

  • online gallery 

  • unlimited downloading and printing rights

  • unlimited outfit changes

  • What is considered a portrait session: family, single, couple, pets, kids



W E D D I N G    P A C K A G E S 
S T A R T I N G   A T  2,500
  • packages range from 6 - 8 hours
  • complimentary engagement session is included in the 7 or 8 hour packages 
  • 2nd photographer is included in 7 or 8 hour package 
  • edited photos are placed on an online gallery with unlimited printing and downloading rights

C u s t o m i z e d   E l o p e m e n t    p a c k a g e s   a r e    a v a i l a b l e

Starting at $1000

(Traveling fee's  are added for Elopements out of Sonoma County, CA  ) 

Q + A

I know you'll have many, many questions & I'd love to answer every single one. 

Here are my most frequently asked questions, figured I'd give you some insight right off the bat:




Q: "Are you able to take standard 'formal' pictures of me and my spouse?" 

A: "Yes, I can. However, I'm not drawn to that certain type of style. I can most certainly direct you to another amazing photographer who can do just that! :)" 

Q: "I really want to do a in-home session with myself and my SO. Are you able to do that?" 

A: "Uhm.. Yes! I love in-home sessions, I think there so intimate and one of kind!" 

Q: "I'm really interested traveling for our location, somewhere unique.. would that be too much to ask?" 

A: "Hold on.. I'm packing my bag as we speak! Yes, destination locations are my absolute favorite! The more adventurous, the better!" 


Q: "Awesome! How would you consider your traveling fees?" 


A: "Great questions, any location located more than 3 hours from my home town requires lodging on top of traveling fees for gas and food, because I'll be giving you 110% during the session and I would hate to fall asleep behind the wheel!" 

Q: "I feel like I'll need more than 1 hour for a session, and I'd love more than 30 photos, is there any way of doing a customized session?" 

A: "Yes of course, every session is unique in there own way. I'd happily provide a customized portrait session -- give me the details and we can get the party rollin'"

Q: "What's your dream photography session?" 

A: "Once again, such great questions! Dream session would be roaming around the hills of Ireland! Taking my clients through the historic sites, capturing moments of pure bliss, laughs and the beautiful scenery. I love wind, so more wind the better. We'd hike, get a mud on our boots, tangling hair -- that's the purest form of beauty! After we'd walk to the closest pub and order some delicious food, grab our drinks..  and toast 'to many more adventures!'

lol hey, you asked" 

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