This was my first time getting professional photos done with my significant other. I was a bit nervous, but Kelsy made the experience so wonderful and comfortable. I had a ton of questions and asked for her opinion on locations/clothes/poses and everything above. She was very helpful and was able to answer all my questions! I also sent her photos that I liked for inspiration and she nailed it out of the park.  

When I received my photos I was in aw. They were all so beautiful. Not only did she capture amazing photos of me and my boyfriend. But she captured amazing photos with our dog. She also brought an assistant to watch my dog Brody, while we were taking couple photos. Overall, the experience was everything I wanted and more. I highly recommend Kelsy if you are looking for great photos and a great experience!

Briana Adviento

Sebastopol, CA 

Briana + Brian

Sebastopol, CA

Our experience with Kelsy was one of a kind and very special. Kelsy has a way of capturing the uniqueness out of an ordinary moment. We both felt very comfortable exposing all sides of our personalities, it felt like she wasn't even there. Kelsy's dedication, willingness, and professionalism are all very evident in her work. Thank you for taking the time to capture our special moments, we can't wait for future sessions! 

From, Jake & Emily 

Emily + Jake

Petaluma, CA

We got our photos and cried while going through them. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! 


Can't even put into words how much we love and appreciate Kelsy for capturing our day the way she did. If you need a photographer for anything, hit her up!

Wedding - June 1st, 2017

Maili Havili


Thank you so much for being so sweet & taking such beautiful pictures! Your work is amazing! You definitely made those wonderful moments unforgettable for me! 


Castro Valley, CA

I have done two photo shoots with Kelsy, and let me just say, she is your girl! She has an eye that captures such memorable moments that I have not experienced with other photographers. I must say she makes you feel so comfortable and those awkward pretend laughing pictures she insists on end up turning out to be the best ones! She has currently taken pictures for my modeling portfolio, as well as photographs of my boyfriend and I and they turned out beautifully!

Camryn Ballestrazze

Petaluma, CA

Kelsy was so fun to work with! I've had experience modeling for other photographers before, but nobody ever made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera. I was so happy with my pictures and can't wait to shoot with her again soon!

Sydnie Kerston

Rohnert Park, CA

It was honestly such an amazing experience. I've never had a photoshoot done like that before because I was always too self conscious. I was still self conscious when we started but you brought out a sense of confidence in me I didn't think I had. I've always had trouble with my body image but you knew all the right angles and how to make me feel comfortable so I really appreciate that! You didn't just treat me like a client, you treated me like a friend which was really sweet of you. Overall it was the most fun and laid back experience!

Melissa Brink Leitch

Rohnert Park, CA

Kelsy Shaffor Photography - 

- First off I'd like to say, that I ABSOLUTELY LOVED my experience during this photoshoot! Casey and I shared genuine laughs which made the experience even better. Kelsy was very professional, but also comforting. Going into getting your photos taken, you might think it's going to be awkward or weird, but she made feel comfortable with each other and with her. Getting those pictures made my day! They're beyond beautiful and I can't wait to them up in our little apartment :) I highly recommend Kelsy to anyone who wants lovely pictures and a great experience, either solo pictures or a couple shoot I bet you'd adore her just like we did! 

-Thank you again Kelsy! You are amazing at what you do! 

Alicia Lesniewski

Rohnert Park, CA

I would defiantly recommend you to anyone looking for pictures. You were very professional, overall I felt very comfortable in which normally would be an uncomfortable situation for some people.

From what I've seen, I'm very happy with the results. I can't wait to see the rest of them!!

Kenzie Kelly

Santa Rosa, CA

This shoot was so easygoing and so much fun! I didn't feel pressured at all, it was laid back and made me feel confident and beautiful at the same time. Kelsy gave such helpful instructions on poses, and the photographs came out beautifully!

Jenna Wilkins

Windsor, CA

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