S A N D Y  T O E S  






I totally feel a Sandy and Danny Vibe from these two... You better know what movie I'm referencing too... "Grease" 

Erica and Brandon have this unique relationship - as they tell me their love story it didn't start out with rainbows and butterflies.. nope, they were long friends before all this! They would deny over and over to their friends and family, "no we are not dating.." and well, as you can tell all that changed! They soon found out they balance out one another and that in itself is why you have to be patient with finding your life long partner. It's all about finding someone who in better terms, completes you.. you may be a huge spender and your partner likes to save, save, save... you may have the greatest memory and your partner always loses their keys! It's all about balance, but there's one thing have to have in common -- your love for one another is unconditional and you'll over look their flaws and persevere love like no other. 

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