Ps. I love you 

Catie and Justin have been together for 10 years.. 10 years, I will repeat once again, 10 years! Now, looking at these pictures, could you guess that Catie battles with chronic illnesses? I'm talking about illnesses that dislocate her joints, there's days where she can not eat because her stomach is in so much pain. I could go on and on, but I'm not. What I am going to talk about is the love and strength these two have for one another. Believe it or not, but she carries a cane around just in case. As I photographed these two, I could feel the love they have for one another. It was incredible to witness, let alone I was about to capture their story. Justin would constantly check on her, to make sure she was doing alright and as the amazing woman Catie is, she pushed through the pain and gave me the most beautiful smiles and an contagious laugh. I know for a fact these two can conquer anything together, because the love they have for one another is truly unconditional and this world definitely needs more of it! 

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