Ahh.. Where to begin... 

  • Travel to Europe

    • Italy​

    • Ireland

    • Germany

    • Switzerland 

    • United Kingdom

    • France

    • Spain

    • Czech Republic 

    • Denmark


  • Travel to Alaska

    • Capture the memorizing Northern Lights​

    • Rent a cabin with a few friends - sit on the porch, holding a hot cup of coffee, a warm fuzzy blanket wrapped around me, while being in awe with the view.​


  • Visit DisneyWorld (Huge Disney fan) 

  • Visit 9 3/4 Platform (If you know what this is, we're already best friends)

  • Attend a Dublin Horse Show

  • Attend Equestrian Olympic games 

  • Live on a rustic country farm - horses, chickens, cows.

  • Capture beautiful moments with my camera until I die.

  • Make unforgettable memories along my journeys 

  • Become a well known photographer 

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