Forever + Always 

Amber and Michael, are truly one of those couples who love adventure. They're always planning trips to explore hidden gems. Amber is a good friend of mine and what I love about our friendship is, we have the same taste in photography. Those one of a kind moments, where you're hiding behind a bush basically and you're sneaking pictures left and right... ah well that sounds kind of bad, but you get the idea, you capture moments that people seem to over look and it creates a story line through out the album. I'm not sure if many of you know, but I'm not into posed photographs. I'm the type of photographer that will ask you to spin around or run in one direction and then have you look back at me. I do say " If you fall down, I will be capturing those moments as well. Why? because that's how life is! We stumble, fall and life just isn't perfect! Amber and Michael, have this genuine love for all things and the fact that they were all on board to take pictures in 90 plus degrees speaks volumes. 

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