Hey friends! 

I think these little bio paragraphs are a little awkward. I mean, how can I really sum up who I am and why I am a photographer within a few sentences. It's near impossible! However, I'll take a crack at it. 

The typical introduction, "Hey all! My name is Kelsy, but you can call me Kels!" 

Whew,  now that we have that over with..

I think it's really important to establish a great relationship with your photographer -- therefore, I'm going to be an open book about how and why I came into the photography field.


I get asked all the time, why are you a photographer? 

Now, this is a sensitive yet, impactful subject. I've always been artistic as a child. Whenever, I was going through a hard time, I would always, and I mean ALWAYS, grab a sketch book, pencils, markers, erasers, the whole shaa-bam and hide away from the world for a bit. Sketching flowers, horses, mountains, trees, birds... I was able to freeze my imagination, my perspective at such a young age. 


I always thought to myself, what's so cool about cameras, you sit, smile.. 'Click' and it was over. I never really understood the artistic point. I never appreciated all the photos my mother made me sit down for on vacations, at home or simply 'Just because.' I always complained. "Why mom, why do we need to take another photo.. you already have like, what.. 100?" In simple terms, I was a brat. 

However, all this changed.... 

I was given a formal introduction into the photography world about 8 years ago. Slide show, after slide show on the different perspectives, history, colors, black and white, you name it! Lets just say, it grabbed my attention. Years, of 'clicks' from different angles, lighting situations, subjects.. I was starting to fall in love. I felt at peace behind the lens and honestly, it's my safe haven. 

As we know, there's a few bumps through out life... in 2016 I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. 

Okay, I know what you're thinking.. "Wait, what just happened...?" 

Yes, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor -- this part of my story, came to a screeching halt. I was afraid of the "what if, I die... what if I don't get to full fill my dreams, goals, ambitions.. I'm too young for this, why me... " 

I had to put my photography dreams on hold for a bit. The challenges I had to face within the last two years have been not only a struggle, but a blessing. I've undergone not one, but two brain surgeries.. but you know what, I grabbed my camera and I just began to 'click..click..click' on whatever was closest to me. Why? because it was my safe haven from the very beginning. 

Through out the recovering process, I was given a whole new set of eyes. It was a humbling experience. I was able to use my new perspectives on life, and place them within my art work. I was able to leave my print in the world. I was able to capture the little moments, moments that people would overlook and give them a meaning - a story. 

I honestly do think, everything happens for a reason. After this long process -- my camera hasn't left my side, and it never will. I love being able to capture moments not only for myself, but for so many others as well. Whenever I show my clients their session -- tears stream down their face... and that it self, is why I love being a photographer.  





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